Artists are the key to our success. As in any business, the people on the front lines are everything. They are the face of the business. When you specialize in residential interior painting, the people that are hired not only have to be skilled, but they have to be nice.

What we do is very intrusive. Once we enter the door, we are literally given the keys to your kingdom. There is not an area in the home that we have not been in. We move furniture, we enter your closets, and paint your commodes. It does not get much more personal than that. That is why we don’t just hire painters. We actually hire artists!  Our artists have been painting Denver for over 15 years, and we are not slowing down.

You may wonder how it all started?  Why do we think hiring artists is the best way to build a painting company.  Read the story on why we hire artists and teach them the art of painting houses.

Since the beginning our motto has been Painters by Trade…Artists at Heart, but having a team of artists has brought that to even more a reality.

Learn More About Each of Our Artists that are painting Denver, CO.