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The average homeowner in Highlands Ranch needs to paint their house every 7 years. There are almost 40,000 homes in Highlands Ranch, and at any point, 10% of them need to be painted. We understand that not everyone has the same budget or the same requirements when it comes to painting their largest investment. That is why we provide every homeowner with three options to match your your needs.

exterior houseIf you are planing on moving within the next few years, you are not interested in long, multi-year warranties, or finding the latest in color trends…you need to just freshen and clean up your exterior. That is why we have created the Bronze Plan. It includes power washing, standard scraping, priming any failed areas, and applying one coat of matching paint on all surfaces. This was designed to give the budget conscious homeowner great value and a great paint job.

If you have no plans on moving, but still keep your eye on the budget, we have our Gold Plan.  We will help you identify a great new color for your home, provides the perfect amount of preparation for any of your failed areas, apply two coats of premium low VOC paint, and provide you with our No Problem Seven Year Warranty with no exclusions, and yearly touch-ups if needed…for any reason.Nick may

20 years ago I started painting houses in college. We brushed and rolled everything – old school style. I am still a firm believer that a brushed and rolled paint job is the best way to go.  For this reason, we developed the Platinum Plan that offers a Ten Year Warranty with no exclusions.  In fact, it is the only way I paint my own home. However, the problem for most people is that it is more labor intensive, and thus more expensive. We are so confident that is the best way to paint your home that we will give you the longest warranty available from any paint contractor in Denver: A No Problem 10 Year Warranty including yearly touch-ups if needed for any reason.

When it comes to trusting a company to paint your home in Highlands Ranch, why wouldn’t you trust Highlands Ranch’s very own Walls by Design?  We have been painting homes in Highlands Ranch for over 15 years. We don’t paint thousands of homes each year, so we are not the biggest. We are not a one man show. And we don’t sell roofs, gutters, and windows…we just know paint, and stand behind everything we do.

Call us today and Joan would love to set you up an appointment with the owner, Nick May, who will also help you select the right color. 303-346-1694 [/full]