[full]WBD - Platinum Package
Our Platinum package has been designed for the homeowner that believes in old-school traditional application: Brush and Roll. You know that you will pay a little more, but you know the extra time and attention is worth it. We have certain crews that only brush and roll, so know that you are truly getting the Artists on your house. You will never have to worry about over-spray, and we believe the application is a little bit thicker. The package includes brushing and rolling TWO coats of paint on all surfaces.

Preparation and cleaning to include:

  • Power washing of all surfaces up to one week prior to painting
  • Caulking any failed caulk
  • Scrape, sand, and prime any failed paint areas with oil-based primer
  • Cover all permanent surfaces (concrete, decking, lights, etc.)
  • Hammering of loose trim or boards
  • Window washing after completion (via 3rd party)
  • Daily site clean-up
  • Removal of all trash from the job site

Regal Select Exterior paint


Warranty: 10 Years No Worries

If you are not looking to change colors on your house or planning to stay in the house for less than 3 years, we recommend our Bronze Package. If you are looking to change colors on your house or planning to stay in the house 5 years or more, we recommend our Gold Package. If you are just looking to touch-up or paint certain areas of your home, please check out our Painter-for-a-Day program. This program does not require an estimate, and can be scheduled today.