New Non-Profit Program for 2014

SaddleUp FoundationWe are always trying to figure out how we can serve our customers better, and in 2014 we want to give back, and we have come up with a unique and exciting way to do it. A lot of our customers are connected in some way to a local charity. It may be the Cancer League of Colorado, SaddleUP! Foundation, or one of a thousand other charities that is small, local, and needs help to help others.  We think that we can help partner with them, provide some much needed exposure, and give a little financial assistance. In 2014 we want to adopt a different charity each month.  We have reached out to our customers to find out what charities they are already involved with, had them provide contact information to us, and we have gone through a sorting process to pick a few that we feel are fantastic.


Each month we will be announcing the Non-Profit of the month, give them a little toot-toot to let you know who they are, what they do, and how you can get involved (if you would like).  Then, and this is the fun, every time one of our customers refers us to a friend (I guess it could be a non-friend too), we will donate $20 to the adopted charity.  Any time the  charity refers someone to their list of members and friend, they will get $40.  The referrals will not need to result in a signed project, but need to simply receive an estimate for interior painting. Our hope is to raise $5000 this year for charities in our community. If you are involved in a charity,  and would like more information getting involved with our Non-Profit Program, please contact us here and let us know you have a charity to be considered. I will need a contact person at the organization if it is not you, as well as contact information. I will add that we are looking to support charities that raise money for others’ benefit. Sorry, we will not be considering school programs, sporting clubs, or church groups at this time (not that they are not worthwhile organizations, but we are trying to focus our efforts).

Thank you for supporting us in this effort, and please check back often, or sign-up for our blog notice, and you will be the first to know who has been selected, and how to get involved. [/full]