Cody Wise

I’m just a simple country boy from a rice farm and horse ranch in South Carolina. I was raised in a construction family and was on my first job site at the age of twelve helping out. After venturing out of the nest, I began painting motorcycles for a custom cycle shop. This led me to doing very very high gloss ceilings, accent walls and cabinetry with HollandLac Lacquer paints and Acrylics. I put all this aside when I was invited to the gorgeous state of Colorado to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs 5 years ago! After a great run at Olympic Weightlifting, I fractured 4 vertebrae in a training accident, this led me to Nick May at Walls By Design, where I definitely plan to call home for many rewarding years to come making homes and kitchens beautiful.

Unfortunately Cody does not have any work for sale at this time :C