[full]Wallpaper removal made easy!

Wallpapered Walls Before Removal.


Remember the 80’s when you would see whole houses covered in wallpaper?  Well, these days it is actually coming back a bit. We have just done a home in Denver that required skim coats for two bathrooms and a dining room for wallpaper. It looked very nice, even gorgeous when it was all done. You may have even see a ceiling or two recently done in a wallpaper.

However, for many people, the goal is to get rid of the paper. To do that can be very laborious. Wallpaper only comes off if the walls were properly prepared on the front end for good adhesion  but for proper removal. Because of this, we never know how easy or hard it will be to remove wallpaper; and because of this fact the only way we will price out wallpaper removal is at time and materials. Some walls, the paper will literally fall off with one easy tug. On other walls, paper will be removed inch by inch.

We have found the most effective way of wallpaper removal is with a steamer. Get the paper hot and wet, and it should come off with a little help from a putty knife or a drywall spatula.  One of the hardest parts of removing wallpaper however, is to get rid of all the glue. If all the glue is not removed, the new latex paint will reactivate the glues, and you will end up with a huge gloppy mess (yes that is a technical term).

The easiest way to neutralize the glue is to not remove it at all, but to seal it. We like to use an oil based primer. The oil base primer will not reactivate the glue, and it will seal it into the wall. The only other solution is to keep washing the wall with soap and water…but that could take days…and we think wallpaper removal is bad enough, we don’t want to prolong it.

Wallpaper Removal Denver, Colorado


Once the walls are sealed, then it is time to fix any drywall damage by skimming the walls wherever there is damage. If the other walls in the home have a texture, a matching texture is usually preferred.  We believe in consistency in texture. Otherwise the home feels disjointed. After the new texture is applied, one more prime coat is required prior to finish coating the surface.

So don’t be afraid of wallpaper removal. You can do it, or we can help!  If you would like help with your wallpaper removal, please call us at 303-346-1694 or contact us here.[/full]