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In 2011 I attended a presentation at Blind Corners and Curves on color trends.  The presenter from Hunter Douglas showed us over and over how wallpaper was here to stay, and how the new trend was bold and big patterns.   I tried to fight it, ignore it, and deny its popularity…but alas, I can fight it no more.  The people have spoken.  No, I do not fear that it will take over as it did in my mother’s house in 1983.  Nor do I fear the tiny flowers or super busy patterns.  The new trend is sophisticated, it is textured, and it has arrived with presence.  What is hot in wallpaper in Denver, and maybe around the world, are big patterns, simple patterns, and metallics.

If you have ever taken off wallpaper, as I did earlier today, then you know the frustration one can experience when the trends shift Wallpaper - damask patternagain.  The truth is this can be avoided at it is all in the surface preparation.  Most hangers cut corners and bet on the fact that they will be long gone by the time this homeowner will want a new damask pattern or script on her walls.  Our problem is that we build long term relationships with our clients, and know that when, not if, they are ready for a change, we will be called in to assist.  Thus we know how important it is to do things right.

Trends come and go, and some return (bell bottoms or bright florescents anyone?) for a second or third time around.  The interesting part of the new wallpaper trend in Denver trend is not that it is happening, rather where it is happening.  Yes, you see it in bathroom, living room, and dining room walls, but we are seeing it on ceilings.  And I like it!  And I believe you will too.  It looks really cool.

There are many companies creating fantastic patterns.  Farrow and Ball is a long time player in this market.  Graham and Brown offer some very unique and interesting designs.  And for textured papers, take a look at Phillip Jeffries.  No matter what manufacturer you choose, make sure you find a skilled and capable hanger to install the wall treatment, or all that money invested in pattern will simply be for not.

If you are interested in having some wallpaper in Denver installed or just want to get some ideas, please contact us today at 303-346-1694 or visit our contact us here.  [/full]