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Walls by Design has been painting Denver homes for over 15 years.  For the past four years, we have focused exclusively on painting residential interiors.  This has allowed us to build great systems that produce high efficiency and high quality results.  Much like an experience at Starbucks.

When one visits a Starbucks, weather you are in Denver, Chicago, Seattle, or Miami, you will have a very similar experience.  You will be greeted with a smile and order your coffee at the register. A Batista will quickly be crafting your drink.  You will sit among other coffee lovers in a well decorated, and comfortable restaurant.  The coffee will be fresh, the menu board will be the same.  It is predictable and consistent.

At Walls by Design, we have worked very hard to create a similar experience.  We know that every home and every homeowner is different, so our systems need to account for that.  As we see it, we have four very important parts to every project, and each are critical to ensure a quality painting experience.

The three phase are:

  1. The Estimate
  2. The Project Plan
  3. The Project
  4. Post Project

The Estimate

This estimate is very important, not only to the homeowner, but to us.  We need to gather all the important information needed to provide an accurate proposal.  This is why we ask lots of probing questions, many that are not thought of by our customers or our competition.  Some of those important questions include:

  • Why are you painting?
  • When do you want to paint?
  • Are you on a tight time frame?
  • Where would we be able to clean our equipment?

There are many more questions, but as you can tell, these questions help us determine some key elements of what it will be like to work with each homeowner so we can properly meet their expectations.  Sometimes we have to be the bearers of bad new, and inform customers that what they are trying to achieve through painting is not possible.  But we would rather have that conversation on the front end.

Color selectionThe Project Plan

After a homeowner decides to proceed and work with Walls by Design, our office schedules a project review meeting.  At this meeting, homeowners work with our color coordinator to finalize colors, and review the scope of work with our production manager.  It is very helpful to introduce the production manager to the homeowner at this point to ensure the proper hand-off from the estimator.  At this meeting we discuss and determine such things as:

  • Color locations
  • Starting times
  • What area in the home will be started first
  • Sheen levels to be applied
  • What bathroom the crew should use
  • etc….

As you can tell, there are lots of other issues that need to be nailed down, and at our production meeting, we leave nothing to chance.

The Project

Once we get to the project itself, we have had several interactions, and hopefully all outstanding questions and issues have been answered and resolved.  Our projects usually comprise of three factors as well:

  1. Preparation
  2. Painting
  3. Clean-up

Depending on the project, we could be doing a myriad of different things:  removing wallpaper, texturing walls, painting walls, painting ceilings, and painting trim being the most common.  But every project consists of the three items listed above.  In preparation, we need to cover and/or move items, tape off areas for protection, and repair minor cracks and holes.  It is important to cover all items that we are working by and above.  So that would include covering door handles, window sills, counter tops, and lighting fixtures.

Before walls are painted, all baseboards and trim (including window trim, door trim, and cabinets, are taped a dime width from the wall and caulked.  This enables us to  maintain very straight lines on all these surfaces.  Additionally, wall plates need to be removed prior to painting.  It is usually recommended to remove lighting fixtures, but due to the nature of electricity, and our aversion to working with it, we leave this duty to homeowners and electricians.

A great paint project is not complete without applying a great paint.  That is why we only apply Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin MooreSatin Impervo oil paints.  During painting, we brush and roll walls and ceilings as most of our customers live in their homes, and a spray application is not generally a good fit.  Trim, cabinets, and doors will be painted either by brushing or spraying.  This depends entirely on the homeowner, the contents of the home, and the desired finish.  Obviously a smoother end finish can be achieved with a spray application, but unfortunately, this is not feasible in many instances.

Clean-up is the final stage in the project phase.  It is a high priority for most customers to receive a clean home upon our completion of the project.  Additionally, it is important to keep our work areas clean as we complete different areas of the home. As we complete each room, our painters fold up drop clothes, vacuum and sweep floors, and remove all trash.  A full site clean-up is  complete upon the project completion which includes removing all paint cans and trash from the home.

Post Project

The final phase of all projects, which we believe separates the good painting companies from the truly professional painting companies, is in what happens after a project.  When most companies are painting Denver homes, they complete a project, and are gone to the next.  To get them to return is next to impossible.  We understand that our project are an ongoing relationship with our customers.  Just because we have completed painting, doe snot mean we are ever done serving our customer.  This is why we offer all of our customers a Lifetime Warranty all all our projects.  Minor touch-ups and missed areas are a nuisance to homeowners that hire a painting contractor, and we make it a priority to rectify all problems in a timely fashion.  If an area is missed, if the movers scuff a wall, or paint flakes from cleaning, we are always willing to perform the needed touch-ups.   We believe in this so much, that we created our Lifetime Touch-Ups program.  We offer to come back once a year to perform any needed touch-ups that a homeowner may need.

Because we build relationships with our customers, we understand that each project is an opportunity.  We want to serve our customers well, and because of that long-term commitment, we have many customers that we have worked for, for years.

If you have a project that you are looking to complete, we would love to help.  Painting Denver homes is what we love to do.[/full]