Scott Ryan Roper

Scott is one our newest members of the team, but super talented.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Scott  works mainly in oils. His work expresses environmental, political and social issues that we are currently faced with. Art traditionally tells a story of one’s culture and the events there within, but finds himself, wondering and asking more questions than telling the story of ourScott Roper epoch. Scott’s current body of work is an exploration to reconcile humanity’s divergence from nature and ourselves. Working from life, he has diverged from this tradition to create imagery utilizing the various electronic devices that we have all come to utilize daily. Scott has chosen to use a more sterile color palette and simplistic compositions to quiet the bombardment of digital noise, utilizing remnants of man and nature’s existence as an expression of humanities current paradigm shift. He is most intrigued by past cultures and artifacts left behind that leaves clues as to who they were and that they existed. The digital age will leave very few artifacts, as entropy takes hold of stored data and the culture saved on these devices will follow.

Scott’s new body of work entitled “Digital Artifacts” will be exhibited at Mai Wyn Fine Art, opening May 29th, 2015. Scott’s work may also be seen at Spark Gallery’s “Focus” show March 20th –April 12th , Space Gallery Opening on April 2nd-25th.

As you can tell, Scott takes his art very seriously, and because of that, is a great addition to the Walls by Design team.  We are excited to see what the future has for Scott here at WBD and in the art world.TheBanker_webSeeFood