Allen kitchen 2The Allen Family in Littleton are a musical family who love contemporary art.

They have found and showcase many local Colorado artists and use their art to decorate their contemporary home.

Their love of music is so great that they converted their dining room into a music room where they actually use guitars as art hanging on the wall.

The crew of Walls By Design were amazed by this environment, BUT right away noticed that the walls were WHITE and did nothing to compliment the contemporary musical home of the Allen Family.

What color could be the backdrop to these rooms that would bring out the art and decor without overshadowing or distracting?

In the living room, we noticed the grey carpet tiles and the dark tone of the furniture.

The Walls by Design philosophy is to find colors that both blend in and bring out the accents and decor of your home.
fireplace walls match contemporary by walls by design

In about a week, the Allens home is now uniquely their own.

You might have noticed that you have been fairly consistent with the color, theme and texture of the furniture and decor in your home.

You have invested a lot in the furniture and decor of your home, but have you thought about finishing the process by having your walls painted to compliment your style and decor.

We would love to work with you on transforming those sterile and out dated white or brown walls into a work of art that makes your home uniquely yours.

Let’s collaborate and our artists will transform your home into a living breathing environment just like we did with the Allen Family. Call (303) 346-1694 or fill out the form below.

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