Cabinet Painting in Denver

Stained Cabinet

What’s Hot right now?  Cabinet painting, that’s what.  People are tired of their old oak, maple, and even cherry cabinets, opting for a painted look.  But what is involved?  How do you do it right, and not end up with a crappy piece of painted woodwork?  First of all, you could hire your favorite paint contractor in Denver… Walls by Design.  But I realize that is not so helpful for a blog.  Here are the steps we take to make sure a stained cabinet is painted well:

  1. Remove all the hardware and label all the doors and drawers to get ready for cabinet painting
  2. Buff-sand all the surfaces to be painted
  3. De-gloss all surfaces with a de-glossing agent (this eats into any finish the sandpaper may have missed and cleans off any dust)
  4. Apply one coat of oil based, heavy bodied, bonding primer – we need a good foundation for our cabinet painting
  5. Buff sand all surfaces and tack cloth clean
  6. Apply one coat of oil based, heavy bodied primer
  7. Buff sand all surfaces and tack cloth clean
  8. Apply two coats of oil based enamel
  9. Allow cabinets to dry thoroughly
  10. Reassemble doors and drawers back in place to complete the cabinet painting process

Walls by Design has the ability to spray all the doors and drawers in a self-contained spray booth that we park in front of the home.  Homeowners and other contractors will most likely lay cabinet doors and drawers out to dry on racks.  The danger of this is that wet and drying paint that has not cured yet is easily damaged.

Painted Cabinet

If you would like help with painting your cabinets, please contact our office at 303-346-1694 or at our Contact Us page.