How to choose the right painting contractor.

Today’s question is all about deciding on who to use.  It is a longer question, but basically the person wants to know how to choose between a paint contractor that is a “normal” smaller painting contractor who works with his guys, or does all the work himself, OR to choose a guy that is well dressed, uses technology to give an estimate, and is more organized.

Nick May from Walls by Design, a paint contractor in Denver, answers today’s question.

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Any way to make painting cheaper?

Today’s question is all about cost.  How can someone save some money on painting?  This person asks:  Is there any way to make it cheaper?

Nick May from Walls by Design, a paint contractor in Denver, answers today’s question.

What paint contractors don’t want you to know

Today’s question: What do paint contractors not want you to know?


Nick May from Walls by Design, a paint contractor in Denver, answers today’s question.

Today’s question is all about secrets. What do paint contractors not want you to know?  Nick answers it.

Do some colors cost more to paint?

Today’s question is all about cost.  Do some colors cost more to use?

So today’s question is about color and cost. So this person is asking – are some colors more expensive than others? And the question is not usually but some colors can be more costly than others and the reason is a lot of times if you’re using a dark color, like a deep red, a lot of times it won’t cover in as many coats. So like a deep red, in order to get a really true deep red, a lot of times you’ll need to do three coats of paints, and so obviously that’s going to be more expensive. Some other colors that are a little bit harder to cover would be pastel colors, so light yellows and like lime greens, they typically don’t cover nearly as well as kind of your midrange earth-tone colors would. And so from that standpoint, some colors can cost more just because they don’t cover as well. Obviously you want to have a high quality paint that covers pretty good to begin with, especially if you’re using a really inexpensive paint. Let’s say it’s a $15, $18 a gallon. That’s typically going to be a sign that it’s lower quality paint, and so it’s not going to have as many solids in the paint for better coverage, from that standpoint.

Another way, color can be an issue with cost for painting the inside of your house is that if you’re using a lot of different colors. So obviously you can imagine when you’re having to switch out between a lot of different colors, we have to clean the equipment more often. It also requires more cutting in, versus just doing one color in one room. And so from that standpoint, a lot of paint contractors will have kind of a color charge. So our typical color charge would be we would include like two main colors as standard. And then if you use any additional colors after that, we just charge like a $25 color charge on top of that. We also have an accent wall charge, so if say you were using a color just on one wall, then there would be an additional color charge or accent charge for that. So hopefully that’s helpful.

Should your paint contractor help you pick paint colors?

Today’s question is about who should help you pick paint colors.

So today’s question is about whether or not to use a color consultant or an interior designer to help you pick colors in your house. So the question is am I better off paying an interior decorator to come and tell me what colors to paint the house or should I just trust the painter that I choose?

I’m going to give you a little caveat here. Most paint contractors do not like to help you pick colors. They feel responsible. They don’t want to…and they’re not very good at it, to be honest, so most paint contractors.

Now for walls by design, it’s one of my strengths, it’s helping people pick colors and over the years I’ve kind of honed that skill. I’ve never really been formally trained as an interior decorator or designer. I’ll put that out there, first off. But what I do is I go into the house. I ask lots of questions – what’s the felling that you want? Do you want it to be darker? Do you want it to be light and bright? So lots of probing questions to figure out what you’re kind of looking to go for. And then the other thing that I do is I kind of look at what do you have in and around the house. What kind of colors did you tend to gravitate towards? And then we’re going to pull colors out of things that are typically in your decor pieces, say a piece of artwork, a rug, in a pillow, or maybe your bed spread. So those are things that I’m going to look at and I’m going to use to pick out colors because one of the things that we want is we want the whole house to feel very consistent, from front to back at least, and we can use lots of colors, but if we’re looking at the things that are in the house, I’m very comfortable helping you pick colors, but a lot of paint contractors are not.

So probably, for the most part I would say don’t necessarily trust your paint contractor unless they have a real skill and you know that this is a strength of theirs. Otherwise, probably the best thing to do is to bring in a color coordinator or a color designer that can come out and help you pick colors if you’re not already working with an interior designer. Hope that helps.