Color of the year by Benjamin Moore: Simply White OC-117

Color of the year by Benjamin Moore:  Simply White OC-117

Benjamin Moore's color of the year Simply WHite

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year Simply White

Every year, paint manufacturers come out with a prediction of future color trends by naming a color of the year.  This year, the good folks at Benjamin Moore have given that honor to a white, namely, Simply White; a soft off-white that has no doubt been ordered up by the gallon over and over.  Never have I seen so much controversy around naming a color of the year as I have this year.

A writer at the Huffington Post claims that Benjamin Moore has “given up”. I believe that naming Simply White has been brilliant, and right on trend; but more importantly, it has gotten people talking…talking about color.  So whether you agree that white truly is a color or not (because there has been quite a debate), the idea of picking a color of the year is to get attention…it’s marketing. In my 16 years of running my painting business, Walls by Design, I’ve never heard so many people talk about the color of the year as I have this year.

all whiteI was unable attend this year’s launch event hosted by Benjamin Moore, but within a day I had heard that Simply White was the selection for their color of the year.  It was on Facebook, it was on Twitter, it sparked a big debate on LinkedIn, and all my designer friends were talking about it. Just this week I went to the color mix event by Sherwin-Williams at the Denver Art Museum. While the event seemed to be well planned and much better attended than the Benjamin Moore color event (I heard through the rumor mill), everyone wanted to talk about Benjamin Moore’s decision to go with white.  Some said it wasn’t a color. Others thought it was too boring and unimaginative. But no matter what you think about the color selection as a color, the choice to pick Simply White has been very smart.

As someone who deals with color every day and owns a white car, I can confidently say that white IS a color. It’s not a mix of all the colors (as some want to tell me), as that is a characteristic of combining colors of light, not solids.  And as someone who is painting at least one set of kitchen cabinets each week in white over the last 8 months, I know that is very popular…have you been on Houzz lately?

So love it or hate it, Simply White is here to stay, and whether they meant it to be controversial or not, it has truly found itself in many an argument, on many a blog, and into the forefront of our minds.  Way to go Benny Moore!