Popular Paint Colors for Your Cabinets

Is your kitchen ready for a facelift? Do you have that beautiful yellow golden oak cabinets and just wishing you could afford to replace them? There is a cost effective way to change the look of your kitchen with out breaking the bank. Paint them! Many homeowners are opting to paint rather than replace their kitchen cabinets. Not only is this cost effective, but you are also saving the trees and helping the environment.

If you do opt to paint your cabinets, please make sure you choose a painter who has experience painting cabinets. I have been into many homes where a painter has ruined the cabinets and caused the homeowner a big headache and punch in the wallet. Walls by Design knows how to paint cabinets! They have invested time into doing this correctly as well as training their painters to produce a product that will stand the test of time. They also offer a lifetime warranty on their work!

So once you have decided to paint your cabinets, the big question is – What color do you paint them? I have been helping clients choose paint colors for a while now and I’d like to share some popular paint colors to consider. But before jumping onto the popular paint color choice – please make sure that the color you choose works with your fixed elements – your tile and countertops and even flooring. Your “popular” color could look oh so beautiful in these photos but then fall flat when applied in the wrong context. Lets begin –

1. White – Many homeowners are opting for white cabinets. It is a classic look that refreshing your space.

a. White dove (For the love of a house)

 whiteDove (fortheloveofahouse)

b. Chantilly lace (Décor Pad)

 Chantilly lace

c. Cloud white (Our House)

cloud white

If you have a darker backsplash or counter, you may want to consider adding a little hue to that white to allow it to flow or feel better in your spa

2. Grays and Greige – These colors are popping up in homes, and colors vary upon the style of kitchen and it’s fixed elements. Here are a few popular colors.

a. Chelsea gray (Studio McGee)

chelsea gray

b. Stonington Gray (Refined LLC)

stonginton gray

c. Gray Owl (Brooklyn kitchen and bath)

gray owl

d. Timber Wolf (Remodelista)


3. Island flavor- this is where I love adding a contracting color to the kitchen. Fun colors create personality with out washing out a room. Black or Bronzes can create a classic look and ground the center of the kitchen.

a. Poolside (Homebunch)


b. Wedgewood Gray (Mountain Cabinetry)

wedgewood gray

This should give you a great starting place when considering a color for your kitchen or cabinets in your home.

Certified Architectural Color Consultant Kelly Paulson is a color consultant with Your Color Consultant. She works regularly with Walls by Design and will be providing her color insight quarterly. You can find more information about her at www.yourcolorconsultant.com