How Our Denver Painting Company Began…

Now Nick, remember, you are going to school so you don’t have to paint the rest of your life.

-Nick May Senior

While in college, I ran a painting business every summer. These are the words that ring in my ears after 20 years that came from my dad.

Nick started painting houses during his freshman year in college, while attending Northern Illinois University and  was hired to “manage” for a college painting company that taught him how to paint, estimate, hire, train, and market his “business”…all over the spring break 1991. To say the least, he learned a lot of things the hard way. But after one summer of paying a 30% royalty, he had paid off the equipment and actually squeaked out a tiny profit. The following summer, he knew he could be successful on his own with 100% of the proceeds.  He continued to paint houses for the next four summers, hiring all his friends and anyone he could get to sling a brush and climb a ladder.

After eventually graduating from the University of South Carolina with a marketing degree, he had a few jobs that just weren’t the best fit.  After moving to Colorado in 1997, and buying his first home with his wife. While in line one evening waiting for the one clerk at Home Depot to make his paint, he started to help other customers decide on brushes, rollers, and paint types. On the way home he decided that he had found his calling, and needed to start painting houses again.  He has been painting ever since.

Starting a full-time Denver painting company provided many challenges: hiring the right people, determining how to advertise, and what would make Walls by Design different from other painting contractors. Nick decided to focus on custom home painting.  Not commercial.  Not new construction.  AND NOT apartment painting.  As we have grown in size, we have transformed a few times.  In the beginning we painted only exterior, then added interior and faux finishing, added wallpaper and murals for a time.  After really figuring out what we were truely good at, we stepped away from faux finishing, exterior painting, and as of 2015, we no longer do any staining.  We just focus on interior painting with a specialization in cabinet painting.  We decided to be the best at the niche of residential interior painting in Denver, and we think we do it better, and more efficient than anyone. 

To accomplish this specialty, Walls by Design has taken a unique approach to hiring – we only hire artists. Painters by Trade…Artists at Heart, is more than a slogan.  We create art on and off the clock. This has enabled us to consistently produce high quality results home after home. Finally, we feel it’s important to share that most of our customers are surprised by how enjoyable it is to host us in their home for their project.  “Your guys are so nice,” is heard often.  As cliche as it may see, it’s true and we never think hearing it gets old.