Now Nick, remember, you are going to school so you don’t have to paint the rest of your life.

These are the words that still ring in Nick May’s ears, founder of Walls by Design, after celebrating two decades of running a successful painting company in Denver.

Nick started painting houses during his freshman year in college. He was hired to “manage” for a college painting company that taught him how to paint, estimate, hire, train, and market his “business.” After learning many lessons the hard way, he found success and continued to paint houses for the next four summers, hiring anyone he could get to sling a brush and climb a ladder.

After graduating with a marketing degree, working a few odd jobs, and moving to Colorado, Nick bought his first home with his wife in 1997. On New Years Eve, Nick came home from his corporate cubical and went to Home Depot (apparently a popular destination on the 31st). While waiting in a long line for assistance, Nick began to help other customers decide on brushes, rollers, and paint types. Nick rediscovered his roots and decided in that moment to paint once again.

In order to make Walls by Design stand out from other painting companies (and due to learning from much trial and error), Nick narrowed his focus to interior painting, with a specialty in cabinets. He decided that Walls by Design would be the best niche painting contractor in Denver. Today, we truly believe we do it better and more efficient than anyone.

Walls by Design has taken a unique approach to hiring – we only hire artists. Painters by Trade…Artists at Heart is more than a slogan. This has enabled us to consistently produce high quality results home after home. Finally, we feel it’s important to share the joy customers feel to host us in their home.