[full]Adopting Non-Profits for 2014

As a business that has been in operations for almost 15 years, we have worked with hundreds of families.  A lot of these families are involved with small, community based non-profits.  For 2014, we have decided to highlight 12 different non-profits, one per month.  We will not only be sharing their story, but we will also be giving back.

We have been asked for years weather we pay out referral fees for recommending our business.  While we have always hoped that our SaddleUp Foundationcustomers would naturally tell people about the great work that we do, we realize that most of our customers lead very busy lives, and Walls by Design is not always the first thing on their mind when a neighbor is moving, a co-worker decides to freshen up the decor in their home, or their friend purchases a new home.  Instead of giving gifts out as a thank-you for recommending our services, each time we receive a call for an estimate (referred by one of our customers), we will be giving our adopted non-profit $20.  We think it is a unique way of giving back.  We will also be sharing here on our website, as well as in out email blasts, who the selected non-profit is for the month and how you could get involved.

We would ask that you sign up for our news feed from our blog to stay informed of what non-profit has been named each month, and to hear how they are being affected by your help.

If you are involved in a non-profit that is local, and provides services to families, children, the sick, etc., please let us know.  You can email us at info@wallsbydesign.com or fill out our contact page here.  We will adopt a new non-profit each month.  Our goal for the year is to give out $5000 in donations.  Please help us reach that goal by referring a friend, co-worker, or family member.

2014 Adopted Non-Profits

January – The Delores Project[/full]