The Delores Project

The first Non-Profit we are adopting is The Delores Project.  Please read about them below, and how they are serving our community.  If you have any questions, or want to know more, please visit their website at thedeloresproject.org

The Delores ProjectThe Delores Project provides safe, comfortable shelter and individualized services to unaccompanied women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness. The Delores Project believes that women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness deserve a safe place to lay their heads at night. By providing shelter in a welcoming environment and without judgment, women begin to believe that they have value and are worthy of our care and regard. As the largest shelter of its kind in metro-Denver, our staff and volunteers serve nearly 500 women and transgender individuals each year, welcoming them as guests.

  • 810 single women and transgender individuals are homeless in Denver on any given night*
  • The Delores Project provides nearly one quarter of metro-Denver’s emergency shelter beds for single women and transgender individuals.
  • The Delores Project is often the shelter of last resort for people with complex circumstances. For example, more than half our guests report a serious mental illness, and nearly 20% live with a disability
  • Last year, 478 individual guests found safety and acceptance at The Delores Project, where we sheltered and average of 53 people each night.The Delores Project
  • Each night, 22 people are in our Steps to Stability program, receiving case management and support towards regaining stability in their lives.
  • The Delores Project partners with more than 20 agencies, helping them ensure that their participants have access to reliable shelter while enrolled in more specialized case management programs.
  • Volunteers provide more than 90% of the 34,000 meals served at The Delores Project each year, saving us over $100,000.
  • Each year, volunteers donate more than 4,000 hours to help us meet our mission by preparing and serving meals, cleaning, gardening, helping with donation drives, and performing other needed services.

What Makes The Delores Project Unique?

We serve only unaccompanied women. Single women without children are often overlooked as a segment of the homeless population, yet according to the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative’s 2013 Point-In-Time study, at least 810 single women and transgender individuals are homeless on any given night in Denver. By only serving women and transgender individuals, The Delores Project provides a sense of safety and community that is not often found at other overnight shelters.

Beds at the Delores ProjectThe Delores Project is committed to removing as many barriers to emergency shelter as possible. Women may call in for a bed – because when women do not have to wait in line all day for the chance of receiving shelter and food that night, they are better able to make productive use of their time – working, going to school, or securing more permanent housing. Our priority is to make sure women are safe at night and guests are not required to provide identification or evidence of need.

We speak differently. Women who stay at The Delores Project are our guests, not clients. Our Transitional Advocate, not case manager, supports guests in determining what success will look like for each individual, and then assist them in finding the resources to achieve their goals. These terms are used consciously to develop a sense of community based on equality, dignity and empowerment.

If you know of a Non-profit that might want to be adopted for a month, please visit our information page here.


*2013 Point in Time Study, Metro Denver Homeless Initiative