7 Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Painting

1 Keep it clean – White

  • Always a popular choice with homeowners, white will remain a staple. According to our fashion forecasting friend at Fashion Snoops, Jaye Mize, white is here to stay and will always look good. A fresh and clean feeling is guaranteed with a white kitchen and it will make the space seem more open!
    Bria Hammel Interiors

2 Emerging – Green

  • Maybe due to eco-design, and maybe simply because it is soothing, green is everywhere! Mostly seen in emerald shades, green hues are left, right, and all along Instagram and Pinterest feeds.

3 The New Neutral – Navy

  • Practically the new neutral, navy is everywhere. Over the past year or so, navy has become common in freshly painted homes. No one seems to be scared of the color, and it offers a perfect base in a kitchen! Pairing perfectly with hardwood floors and wood countertops – also currently trending – navy seems to be the way to go.
    Blakes London

4 Bold – Black

  • Another popular color emerging is black. In minimal kitchens and home spaces, black is the perfect canvas to then add your own twist to the rest of the space.
    Franco Crea furniture

5 Get creative – Two colors

  • A new trend, people are opting to choose two colors rather than one. Whether in the same hue with different shades, or two completely different colors or materials, splitting the space is growing to be more common. With one color on the lower cabinets and another on the upper, your home can have more personality.
    Alene Workman Interior Design

6 Gray – All shades

  • Light grays, smoky grays, pale and bold, gray is a basic everyone seems to be loving and gravitating towards.
    Circle Design Studio

7 Quiet – Pale colors

  • For those not looking to paint neutrals anymore, but not wishing to jump to the boldness of darker and more intense shades, pale colors offer a soft creative outlet in your home.
    Addison’s Wonderland

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