Cabinet Painting FAQ

It is not a secret that painting your cabinets, at least in Denver, has become a very hot commodity. If you have not done it already, my guess is that you have some questions. I get questions about painting cabinets from all over the country; from designers, homeowners, and even from other painting contractors. So, let’s talk about some of the most common questions when it comes to painting cabinets.

Painting Shiplap Siding

One day, my friend messaged me and asked me about how to fix a problem they were having with their shiplap.  She told me that they had decided to go with pine (as it was much cheaper material than poplar), and everywhere there was a knot in the wood, they had a discoloration. 

How to Pick the Perfect Gray Wall Paint

For about a decade we were painting nothing but earth tones.  It all seemed to start with Shaker Beige HC-45, but then we progressed to HC-44 and HC-43. The color was like a drug. We started with the light tones and got progressively darker and darker.  Soon we were looking at colors like Townsend Harbor Brown, HC-64 and Van Burren Brown HC- 70.  It …

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