Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint

You can create a chalkboard just about anywhere you can apply paint.  Benjamin Moore makes a great chalkboard paint that comes in a variety of colors.  You just need a smooth surface (which can be tricky here in Denver) and a little creativity.  Chalkboard paint can be applied on a variety of surfaces:  tables, walls, dividers, book covers, chars, old chalkboards, or just about anywhere.  It is best if you can either tape off the area, or create a boarder with trim, or wallpaper to have a nice delineation if being applied to a wall surface.

A chalkboard paint application would be good in the kitchen for a family calendar, on a menu board for a daily special, in a kid’s room for endless creativity, or any number of different locations.  For your interior design eye, Benjamin Moore also provides chalkboard paint in any color.  Black is not the only option any more.

The trick in Colorado though may lie in the smooth wall surface.  Most walls in Colorado have some type of texture on them.   In order to have a truly workable surface, the drywall will need to be skimmed out smooth to as close to a level 5 drywall finish as possible.  If this is not possible, we recommend installing a sheet of Masonite onto the wall and then applying a coat of primer before applying the chalkboard paint.  This will give you a nice smooth surface for writing on.

The advantage of applying chalkboard paint to the wall is that it will give you a surface to write on that is erasable.  You can use either a standard chalk eraser or a damp cloth.

If you would like help installing a chalkboard paint wall in your home or office, please give Walls by Design a call at 303-910-4681 or contact us