DIY Cabinet Painting vs. Hiring a Professional Contractor in Denver

When it comes to transforming your kitchen or bathroom, one of the most significant decisions you’ll face is whether to tackle cabinet painting as a DIY cabinet painting project or enlist the services of a professional. In Denver, where homeowners take pride in their homes and often seek ways to enhance their living spaces, this choice can have a profound impact on the outcome of your renovation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of both DIY and professional cabinet painting and help you make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and expectations.

DIY Cabinet Painting


1. Cost Savings: 

Perhaps the most compelling reason to opt for a DIY cabinet painting project is the potential for cost savings. DIYers can purchase paint and supplies at their own pace, making it possible to spread out the expenses over time. This approach can be particularly appealing if you’re on a tight budget.

2. Creative Control: 

DIYers have full creative control over the project, from selecting paint colors to applying finishes. If you have a specific vision for your cabinets, going the DIY route allows you to bring that vision to life without compromise.

3. Personal Satisfaction: 

Completing a cabinet painting project on your own can be incredibly satisfying. There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with transforming your space with your own two hands.



1. Skill and Experience: 

Cabinet painting is a skill that requires practice and experience to achieve professional-quality results. If you’re new to painting or lack experience with cabinet projects, the learning curve can be steep, and mistakes are more likely.

2. Time-Consuming: 

DIY cabinet painting can be time-consuming, especially if you’re juggling it alongside your daily responsibilities. Cabinets require thorough preparation, painting, and drying time, which can stretch the project duration.

3. Quality Assurance: 

Achieving a flawless finish on cabinets can be challenging for DIYers. Common issues include brush strokes, uneven coatings, and color inconsistencies. Without the right tools and expertise, achieving a professional look can be difficult.

Many homeowners start a cabinet painting project only to abandon it after realizing how hard it is.  

We recommend starting with a small area like a bathroom or a laundry room to do a test run before trying to tackle the big kitchen. 




1. Expertise and Experience: 

When you choose Walls by Design for your cabinet painting project in Denver, you’re tapping into years of expertise and experience. Our professional painters are skilled in the art of cabinet transformation, ensuring high-quality results.

2. Time Efficiency: 

Professional painters are equipped to complete cabinet painting projects efficiently. With the right tools, techniques, and a team of experts, we can transform your cabinets in a fraction of the time it might take for a DIY enthusiast.

3. Quality Guarantee: 

Walls by Design takes pride in delivering impeccable results. We guarantee a smooth, professional finish with no brush strokes, drips, or inconsistencies. Wall by Design is the Cabinet painting experts in the Denver Metro area.  We paint more cabinets in one month then most painting contractors paint in a whole year.  



1. Cost: 

Hiring professionals may come at a higher initial cost compared to a DIY project. However, when you consider the quality, time saved, and long-term satisfaction, many homeowners find it to be a worthwhile investment.

2. You will lose full access to your kitchen. 

You will however be able to use the kitchen in the evenings. 

3. We recommend clearing out all the items out of your cabinets prior to painting. 

This is difficult for many homeowners, but it is essential for us to do our best work. 

A Third Option is the DIY PRO Cabinet Painting program.

This program is a done WITH-you program.  

You remove all of your door and drawer fronts, take them to our shop, and we spray them. While we do this, you paint the remaining boxes in your kitchen with our guidance.  Our customers who have selected this option have LOVED it.  They are able to save a significant amount of money and time, and we help them achieve a truly professional end result. 

beautifully refinished kitchen

Making the Right Choice:

To make the right choice between DIY,  professional cabinet painting, and our DIY PRO cabinet options, consider the following factors:


If you’re on a tight budget and have the time and patience to learn and experiment, DIY might be an option. However, remember that professional results often come with professional help (but we can now help with that). 

Skill Level: 

Assess your own painting skills and experience. If you’re confident in your abilities and have successfully completed similar projects in the past, DIY may be viable. If not, consider professional assistance.



Evaluate how much time you can dedicate to the project. DIY projects often take longer, while professionals can complete the job efficiently.

Quality Expectations: 

Consider the quality you desire for your cabinets. If you’re looking for a flawless, professional finish that will stand the test of time, Walls by Design is your solution.

Long-Term Value: 

Think about the long-term value of your investment. A professionally painted cabinet can increase the resale value of your home and provide lasting satisfaction.

In Denver, Walls by Design is your trusted partner for cabinet painting projects. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering top-notch results that exceed your expectations. 

When you choose professional cabinet painting with Walls by Design, you’re investing in quality, efficiency, and a kitchen or bathroom that will truly shine.  Keep in mind that we have been in business for over 24 years, all of our painters are on staff (not subcontractors), we provide a Lifetime Warranty and yearly touchups for all of our full-service projects over $3000. 

To discuss your cabinet painting project in Denver or to request a quote, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We look forward to helping you transform your space with the perfect cabinet finish. Contact Walls by Design today to get started!

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