Enamel vs Latex Paint: Which One is Right for Your Project?

As part of any painting project, there are many factors to keep in mind when planning and undertaking one – including how much paint to purchase, prepping your surface for painting, drying time and multiple coats, etc. But one key aspect that often goes overlooked when selecting enamel or latex paint may be choosing between enamel or latex; depending on what surface and other considerations come into play when making this choice; before making your final choice make an informed choice by researching both options as to their specific uses – with proper research and knowledge, your painting project can become a success by selecting the appropriate type of paint!

latex enamel paint, enamel paint vs latex

The main difference between enamel paint and latex paint lies in their respective bases; enamel uses oil-based while latex uses water-based. Enamel (known as hard surface paints) dry slowly but produce hard finishes, while latex or water-based paints dry faster and are more flexible, making them suitable for surfaces which expand or require flexibility. Knowing chemical composition of each paint type is crucial when selecting the best product for any particular task; other considerations include:


Decided upon a paint finish can help narrow your choices when selecting paint for a project. Latex offers eggshell, matte or flat finishes that are easy to maintain while being durable enough for high traffic areas such as kitchen cabinets or trim. Satin finishes are available both latex and enamel paints. On the other hand, enamel dries quickly to a hard, glossy surface less prone to staining, available with satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss options and often provides long-lasting smooth finishes compared with its latex counterpart. Enamel produces hard glossy surfaces which do not stain as much while also producing long-lasting smooth finishes than latex does when drying rapidly like latex does once it sets.

Interior vs. Exterior Use

Latex paint with its modern, sleek flat or eggshell finish has grown increasingly popular over time, especially for interior walls and ceilings in homes. Due to its flexibility, durability, water-resistance and easy cleanup capabilities, latex paint makes an excellent choice for many indoor projects; however, its slight flexibility even when fully dried can render it unsuitable for use outdoors in warmer climates.

Enamel paint features a hard and glossy surface that may seem outdated over large indoor areas, yet is ideal for outdoor use where it can withstand the elements. Although oil-based or enamel paint may fade and yellow with time, using neutral or earth tone colors such as beige, tan or taupe may extend its lifespan and prevent discoloration over time. When selecting latex vs enamel paints for any project’s intended use and location, latex and enamel products should always be given preference over each other.

Paint Fumes

Exposure to high levels of paint fumes can cause lightheadedness, headaches, eye irritation, and breathing difficulties regardless of the type of paint used. Low-odor latex is usually best for larger projects like walls due to its mild scent while oil-based enamel has stronger scent and should only be used on smaller or outdoor jobs. In any event, proper ventilation must be maintained when painting in order to allow adequate airflow – doors and windows must remain open so as to allow adequate airflow during each painting session.


By adding paint additives, extenders or conditioners, you can enhance the final appearance of your painted project. These additives may help thin down paint application slightly while lengthening drying times and providing a smooth surface finish – with Penetrol being most widely-known among latex-based paints whereas Floetrol leads among oil-based ones.

Drying Times

Acquiring a seamless, brush mark-free finish requires applying thick, even coats of paint in an even manner. Latex dries faster so should be applied quickly and levelled off after application; enamel paint takes longer but creates superior finishes by penetrating into surfaces being painted, allowing longer manipulation periods when applying an even thick coat of enamel paint.

Clean up

Latex paints can be easily cleaned up using only water and rag, while enamel ones need specific cleaner such as below to effectively clear away accidental splashes of color from surfaces or brushes.

enamel versus latex paint, enamel vs latex paint

Enamel Paints

What is Enamel Paints?

Enamel paints are oil-based paints that have been modified to have a glossy or semi-glossy finish. These paints are durable and provide excellent adhesion, making them suitable for use on metal, wood, and ceramics. Enamel paints also offer good resistance to wear, stains, and water, which makes them ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Enamel paints are available in both oil-based and water-based formulations. Water-based enamel paints are less toxic and have less odor than oil-based enamel paints. However, they are less durable and have a shorter lifespan compared to oil-based enamel paints.

An example of an enamel paint, would be Benjamin Moore’s Advance.  Advance is a product we use on a daily basis as our standard paint for painting cabinets.  It has superior leveling and durability compared to the competition.

Benjamin Moore ADVANCE Enamel Paint
difference between enamel and latex paint, difference between latex and enamel paint

Latex Paints

What is Latex Paints?

Latex paints, also known as water-based paints, are made by suspending pigment particles in a water-based emulsion. These paints are quick-drying and have a low odor, which makes them ideal for use in indoor areas. Latex paints are also easy to clean up with soap and water, making them less hazardous to the environment and human health.

Latex paints are suitable for painting surfaces such as drywall, wood, and masonry. They are available in a range of finishes, including matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. Latex paints are less durable than alkyd or enamel paints and are not suitable for use in high-traffic areas.

An example of a latex paint would be Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select.  Regal has been a long standing product for Benjamin Moore and is considered one of their premium products with superior hide and durability.

Benjamin Moore REGAL SELECT Latex Paint


Selecting between enamel or latex paint when embarking on any painting project is of vital importance. Enamel paint offers hard and glossy surfaces while latex is flexible enough for indoor spaces; which one you use depends upon factors such as type of surface being painted, intended purpose, desired outcome as well as finish considerations like interior vs exterior use, fumes/additives/dry times and cleanup considerations – as these all may play a part in finding the ideal product for any given task. By thoroughly researching both options available and with proper knowledge your painting project can become successful by choosing the appropriate type of paint!

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