Why hire Artists to paint your home?

When I started Walls by Design, I always wanted to have a company that was different than other house painting contractors.  Our industry is filled with guys that can’t hold down a job, can’t manager their business, and simply try to be the lowest cost provider.  I always knew that there was room for a company to offer good customer service and stand out from the pack.  But cutting through the noise was going to be difficult, so I needed something that would separate us.  Something that people would understand without me having to explain it.  I came up with our tagline:  Painters by Trade…Artists at Heart.  In a few years, I would come to realize it as much more than just a tagline.

Fernando Moreno

We have been in business, painting houses for the last 15+ years in Highlands Ranch, and have painted throughout the Denver metro.  About 8 years ago, when I needed to hire some more guys, I looked around at the guys I had, and I noticed something interesting:  I had several artists.  Three of the guys working for me all did their own artwork, and displayed down in the Santa Fe art district on First Fridays.  I also realized that they were great hires. We hire artist now and teach them the art of painting houses because they were easy to train, and they liked working with their hands.  But most importantly, they had the one skill that is the hardest for me to teach…painting a straight line on the ceiling. If they could do that, we could teach them the rest…because it is all a system and a process.

So, I decided to test the theory.  I wrote a funny add that started like this:  “Wanted! Starving artists that would like to make money doing what you love?”  And it worked!  We started to receive applications from all sorts of artists.  Not all were a great fit, but many have been a fantastic fit.  We still need to look for the right work ethic and personality, but now we only hire artists and teaching them the art of painting houses has been fantastic for us.  I can honestly say that all our painters are artists.  If you want to learn more about them, please visit our profile page on our team.

If you are interested in how we can help you hire and artist to paint your Highlands Ranch, CO home, than please contact us below, or call us at 303-346-1694.