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How To Hire A Denver Painting Contractor

If you need to hire a Denver painting contractor to do work at your home, you know how it can be intimidating.  I find myself avoiding projects because of the headache and hassle that I may endure as a result of previous projects and let-downs that I have experienced in the past.  For example, I had a plumber bill me for shopping time at Home Depot while working on my basement remodel.  Last summer it took several calls, and appointments to get a sprinkler company that would finally come and bid my small project. I had a flooring company install new carpet, only to say that I was capable to re-hang my doors and vacuum the carpet myself.  I think we have all experienced these let-downs.  If you want to read some bad stories, here is an interesting page I found on Bad Contractor Stories.

How to hire a Denver painting contractor

Five Steps To Follow When Hiring A Denver Painting Contractor

1. Call people you know for a recommendation.

If you don’t have a friend that has someone to recommend, then call someone that has done work in your house and did fantastic work…and ask who they recommend.  If all that fails, call a real estate agent that has a booming business.

2. Do your homework before the estimator comes to do the estimate

If you are unsure of what you need, the internet is a great place to educate yourself on all sorts of things.  When the estimator comes, ask lots of questions.  Think of this as an interview.  You are hiring them to work in your house.  The more questions the better, and if they are not very knowledgeable, then they are not the right one to hire.

3. Insist on a clear and precise estimate/proposal in writing.

It should include all the details of what is included, what is not, and what kind of warranty is included.  If timing is important to you, they should be able to include a provision for project duration.

4. Compare apple to apples, and oranges to oranges.

 It can be hard sometimes to compare bids, as they will be in different formats, and will list things out differently.  Just make sure you understand the wording, and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

5. Pay with a credit card whenever possible.

I have heard too many stories of homeowners paying deposits or even for whole jobs and never seeing any work done.  A credit card will ensure that you get the work promised.  It may cost you a little more going with a company that accepts credit/debit cards, but for insurance and peace of mind, it will save you a ton of hassle.

At Walls by Design, we have tried to make the buying process simple and stress free for our customers.  It starts when you call our office, and are greeted by our office manager.  She can talk to you about your project, and immediately schedule an appointment.  Our estimator can usually come out within a day, and will provide you with a written estimate within 24 hours of the appointment.  Our estimates spell our areas to be painted, surfaces that are included, how many coats of paint that will be applied, what type of paint will be used, as well as options discussed, and usually discounts that can be taken advantage of.  Any yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard, it makes life easy for all parties involved.

If you need an estimate for painting your home in the Denver Metro area, please contact us here, or call us at 303-346-1694.

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