Life Staging: Interior Design on a Budget

Work with our Interior Designer to create a more functional and beautiful living space

As painters and color consultants we are constantly asked about suggestions for interior design. Interior painting and home décor go hand in hand and here at Walls By Design we are excited to announce that not only do we offer color consults with an experienced interior designer but we will now offer what we are calling “Life Staging”.

What is Life Staging?

Life staging consists of having our interior designer, Jacqueline, come to your home and work with you on a specific room or your whole house to create a more beautiful and functional space. Our designer will rearrange furniture, rehang pictures and wall décor and rework the space for a more functional room.

 Something that we commonly run into, in our field, is that people want their home to be beautiful as well as functional and if those pieces are missing it can make their lives more difficult. Especially when they have a job and a family to look after. When your house doesn’t feel like home or is completely unorganized and chaotic it can cause problems on a daily basis. Our goal with Life Staging is to create a beautiful and functional space where families can relax and enjoy each other’s company. 

Benefits of Life Staging

Life staging can help you create a unique and personal space. With the help of family heirlooms, homemade art, ceramics or décor from travel you can make your home feel unique. Our goal is not to make your home look like a page out of a magazine, but your own personal space full of pieces that show who you are.

Things like books, pillows and blankets can add interest and texture to a room. By adding a few of these things a room can be completely transformed from drab and boring to inviting and personal. When looking for things to accent your home our designer will make sure that they are functional, interesting and timeless. Trends come and go, so our goal is to create a space that can change with the individual and remain personal.

Life staging can even help you sleep! Reworking the textiles on a bed, the colors in the room or even the direction the bed is facing can help to create a more relaxing environment which at the end of a long hard day is just what we need. Imagine falling into a comfortable, beautiful bed where you can completely unwind.

An important part of styling a room is the art. Art can make the difference between a room feeling too commercial and totally unique. Well framed art can be a stand out piece in a room and even be a conversation starter. A collection of small framed art can draw the viewers eye and make them want to step in for a closer look. This adds depth and interest to a space and can be a lot of fun!

Lighting! Ah, how could I have waited so long to talk about lighting? Lighting in a room is essential for mood and character. The main light will be natural light coming from windows. It is important to look at the light coming into a room throughout the day to see where shadows fall and how different shades of light affect the furniture, textiles and art in a room. The light from windows will dictate wall color, furniture fabrics and colors and where you place art. If a room is not naturally well lit there are tricks such as mirrors and reflective surfaces to make a space brighter. Lamps and chandeliers are also important statement pieces and can help a room feel finished as well as create the desired mood in the evening.

Life staging can help you create an individual space that is beautiful and functional. It can be as simple as replacing a rug or moving furniture around that makes all the difference. Life staging isn’t about how expensive your room is but more about utilizing the things that you have to create a whole new space. It is an inexpensive and quick process that can make a huge impact on your home and daily life!

What you can expect from life staging

1.     Phase 1 is a flat rate of $250 and consists of freshening up a space and using what is already there.

a.     Rearranging furniture, rehanging pictures, decluttering and space planning

2.     Phase 2 is budgeted at $5,000 for sourcing various pieces including new light fixtures, rugs, furniture, art, etc.

a.     Buying new pieces to incorporate with existing pieces and creating a cohesive, beautiful space.

3.     We also offer Kitchen design.

a.     We will help you choose tile backsplash, countertops and cabinet hardware

b.   Starts at $450.

The process can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours or more. It depends on the size and space of the home. Our designer will consider every possible angle. Like, who uses the space and what the foot traffic looks like. This will help her decide how to evaluate what is in the space and how to use it best.

Painting and Life Staging

Painting a room is an excellent way to freshen things up and it is a great addition to life staging. We can color match and coordinate furniture to create a space that feels new, fresh and functional! See our post on color consulting for more information.

Our Interior Designer

Jacqueline Koril has been a designer for the past ten years. She has a degree in Fine Arts and Art History in addition to a degree in Interior Design. Her first design job was for a small firm in New York City. She gets her inspiration from the various cities that she’s lived in, traveling, magazines, playing outside, Pinterest, gardening and much more. Her goal with Life Staging is to exceed her client’s goals by creating a comfortable and beautiful space that is functional as well as personal.


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