New York State of Mind – WBD Color of the Year

Every year, all the paint manufacturers come out with a color of the year. Most years I scratch my head wondering how and why they picked that one. I have a unique view on everything since I am not only a painting contractor but am well ingrained in the interior design scene. I attend several furniture markets every year and talk to the trendsetters and forecasters.

I am a big fan of Benjamin Moore. In fact, several years ago when Ellen O’Neil, their Creative Director, selected Simply White as the color of the year, I went to great lengths to defend them. Many said it was a cop-out and that white wasn’t really a color at all. Seriously people? As a kid, did you ever see a Crayola crayons box that did NOT include WHITE?

Anyway, I realize that all of it is done from a marketing perspective. Let’s bring COLOR to the conversation. I get it! But it is frustrating because I know the color of the year is actually selected over 12 months prior to the actual announcement. Why? Because they need to create all of the marketing materials that are needed to support the campaign. It totally makes sense. But it means that right now, there are teams of people at all the major manufacturers, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Pantone, and others that are currently selecting the color of the year for 2021.

To be fair, all industries work this way. Automotive. Fashion. Consumer goods. I don’t fault them at all. In fact, it must be extremely hard to predict something that people will love that far out and sometimes they get it pretty close. Or at least they know how to spin the story to make it sound like they nailed it. This year, Benjamin Moore chose First Light 2102-70. I am not a big fan of the color. When I was at High Point Market in October, I saw several displays and items in the color pallet, all of which were selected well in advance.

So, instead of criticizing and knocking any of the colors selected by manufacturers, I decided to name my own color of the year. However, instead of guessing and projecting on what I think it will be in 12 months, I am going to name a 2020 color of the year based on what I see trending now; in my painting business, on social, and at the markets.  But I will say, while I am naming a specific color, it is more the idea of the color.  

2020 Walls by Design Color of the Year: Benjamin Moore 805, New York State of Mind

Over the last few months, I started to notice the selection of this beautiful blue. I have seen it used on cabinets and walls, but I have also seen it on sofas, window shades, accent pillows, and in art. I LOVE blue. It has always been one of my favorite colors. I wear it a lot and could not be happier that I see it trending in a major way.  The following are a few examples of all the ways I have seen this blue (maybe not the exact blue, but pretty close) on social media…

Just like when you decide to buy a certain type of car and then see them everywhere, I suspect you will start seeing New York State of Mind everywhere as well. And if you would like us to apply some New York State of Mind on your walls, doors, or cabinets, please give us a call. We would love to get you right in trend for 2020.

Accent Wall
accent wall in Denver, CO

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