Choosing a paint contractor in Denver

Paint accent wallsThere are a lot of painting contractors to choose from, but how do you pick?  When choosing a paint contractor in Denver, we may be a little bias, but we think you should just call us.  We are simply the best choice.  Okay, that sounds a little egotistical, but if I didn’t truly believe it, I wouldn’t say it…honest!  People do ask me all the time, “What make you different?”

First, let me tell you that we have been in business for 15 years this year.  Why is that important?  Well, it shows that we have made it through one of the worst economic climates our country has seen since the depression.  We aren’t just dabbling in painting, nor are we just filling time, while we look for something better.  We are here to stay.

Also, when choosing a paint contractor in Denver, it is important to consider how well they communicate.  I have heard a ton of stories of homeowners that are frustrated with their contractor or trades-person that they can not get in contact with.  They can not find out when they are showing up, or when they will finish.  Brian NapierOur answer to this is Joan.  Joan is our office manager, and the voice of Walls by Design.  If you have never spoken to Joan, I recommend giving her a ring and finding our for yourself whey I get so many glorious emails about her customer service level.  In fact, I just received another one today.  Joan keeps a lot of the moving pieces to our daily business well greased.  She does an excellent job at communicating to our customers so they know when we have an appointment, when we are starting to work, what payments have been made, and a myriad of other details that are key critical to good customer service.  I’m pretty sure no other painting contractor in Denver has a Joan.

Artist at heart.  It sounded like a good tagline at the time of inception, but now it has become who we are.  We are painters by trade, but artists at heart.  All our painters are artists.  They paint, sketch, draw, or do something on canvas outside of work and painting homes.  It s a huge competitive advantage for us.  We do not have difficult adding to our team.  We find artists, and then teach them the art of painting homes.

Sketch by Brian NapierIf the above is not enough to convince you, can I add our lifetime warranty, free touch-ups for life, or FREE color design with every project?  The average paint contractor in Denver will give you a 3 or 5 year warranty, but we have always told our customers, if we have done something wrong, it doesn’t matter if you find if 20 minutes, 20 days, or 20 years.  We will always fix it.  Just give us a call.

I have covered all the reasons why I think, but I suggest you read some of the comments from our customers in our testimonial section.  When you are ready to choose the best paint contractor in Denver, give us a call at 303-346-1694 or contact us online here.  We look forward to serving you.