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What is DIY Pro Tools?

Simply put, we rent you a kit of crucial painting supplies to ensure a quality paint job for your home project. Just watch the video to learn all about it!

How Does it work?


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Get Painting Like a Pro!

Take advantage of the tools you need to tackle your home painting project with simplicity and ease!

What's Included?

Multiple Ladders

Roller Handles

Extension Poles

Drywall Tools

Drops & Runners

Scaffold Bench

Roller Grids

Additional Tools

How long would you like to rent?

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DIY Pro Tools in Action

DIY Pro Tools

Full kit includes:

  • 24’ extension ladder
  • 16’ extension ladder
  • 6’ step ladder
  • Small scaffold bench
  • XL pole
  • Large pole
  • Short pole
  • Roller handles (3)
  • Clean, empty buckets (3)
  • Roller grids (3)
  • 9’x12′ dropsheets (6)
  • Runners (6)
  • One masker
  • Paper blade
  • Safety glasses
  • 5-way tool
  • Drywall tools
Note: This kit does not include consumable items such as nap rollers, caulk, etc. These can be purchased for a fee.

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