The Best Trim Colors of 2020

Trim is often overlooked, but can have a dramatic effect on a room. Traditionally trim is a wood tone or white, however there is a new trend on the rise: colorful trim. Reimagining trim as a focal point in the room and using pops of color is a fun way to balance a room or add an architectural highlight to the space.

The color of the trim can make a space feel bigger or accentuate the rooms shape. By using a colorful trim you can create sharp and clean lines through a space to make the room feel larger or break up high walls and ceilings to make a space feel more cozy.  Think of trim as a frame for your walls, with the perfect color frame your walls will really stand out.

 We’ve gone ahead and looked through the different colors of trim and picked out our favorites.

Wood Trim

This wood trim is a classic look that warms up the space, clearly defines the views out the windows and contrasts nicely with the dark walls and light ceiling. The wood trim in this room also creates a nice sense of depth that a lighter trim just wouldn’t do. It’s a room you would like to cozy up in.

Gray Trim

In this home the gray perfectly accentuates the architectural details. The paneling and arch are the clear focal point of the entryway. This space would be much less interesting had they chosen white for the trim and a dark tone or wood would have made this entry feel too dark and not as welcoming. The gray is the perfect balance of accentuating the trim details and keeping it bright and open feeling. 

The Same Color Trim

Using the same color on the walls and the trim is a great option for contemporary spaces. This gives the room a unified look. In an open concept space, it is a good idea to keep the trim color consistent as this creates a cohesive space and keeps it from feeling too disjointed – especially if the walls change colors from room to room.

White Trim and Dark Doors

The white trim in this room is the same color as the wall and keeps the room simple and clean looking. The addition of the dark door adds a contemporary feel to this more traditional space. Here, the dark door makes the space feel larger as it recedes and draws the eye away from the bright walls. Dark doors can be a fun way to make a space feel more modern.


Colorful Trim

The teal trim in this gorgeous bathroom gives this space a sense of calm and shows off the wainscoting and woodwork around the windows. The color is reflected in the marble flooring and adds so much character to this bathroom.

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