Free Touch-Ups

Walls By Design offers free yearly touch-ups for as long as you live in the home!

12 months after your project has completed, you’re eligible for a free touch-up. This offer continues yearly for as long as you live the same home!

There are a few terms and conditions, so check those out first before requesting and scheduling your free touch-up (begin with submitting the form at the bottom of the page).

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is not part of our regular service, and you must reach out to us to request a touch-up.
  • We cannot guarantee immediate scheduling once your touch-up becomes eligible.
  • The free touch-up covers labor, but you must provide the paint (Walls By Design will have provided you with leftover paint upon completion of your initial project, WBD cannot be responsible for an exact color match due to fading and the conditions where the paint is stored).
  • After your touch-ups, you will become eligible again once another 12 months has elapsed.

Request Touch-Ups

Please READ:
After filling out this form, you will be redirected to schedule your appointment. If you get an error message please email us at and let me know your zip code. If you do not schedule on the calendar, you do not have an appointment. Our calendars are updated weekly, so if there is not a time that works for you, please check back. Pleaese note that we do not schedule out past 60 days.

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