Wallpaper Trends 2020

Wallpaper has become a trendy addition to our living spaces. You can add wallpaper to just about any room in your home. Using wallpaper in a space, is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your white walls some life. Nowadays, there are more options to chose from – colorful, simple, patterned, textured, floral, geometric & greenery. Wallpaper offers a variety of ways to add your own personal impact to any space. Here are some wallpaper trends we will see more of in 2020. 


A major trend for 2020…bathrooms are meant for wallpaper. They are the ideal space for wallpapering, and it gives you the perfect place to integrate bold elements making a big impact in smaller spaces. You can have fun with patterns, which can give you a dramatic update.

Accent Wall

Accent walls are fun to play with, especially when using wallpaper. Decorating a ceiling in a floral pattern is a creative way to add some detail into an unexpected space, adding depth as well. These patterns can lead your eye all over the room, giving the space movement and cohesion. 


Lively greens and earthy tones are a sure trend for 2020. Nothing is better than bringing the outside in, using plants. Adding green to a space gives you a sense of calm. Playful and fun, banana leaf wallpaper takes us to the dark depths of the rainforest where they grow. They are considered one of the most beautiful and symbolic leaf prints in interior design. 

Art Deco

Art Deco = Glamour. Geometric prints are making a big comeback, especially in wallpaper. They add playfulness in a room with lots of shine, big impact, drama & depth. It can brighten up a room with its gold patterns and sharp edges.


Agate pattern is an organic, textural wallpaper that copies the marbled effect of agate gem stones. These are unusual prints that are on the bolder side. While the pattern is busy, a cooler color gives a calming effect. Natural patterns bring a sense of tranquility, which is a nice balance in our busy schedules. 

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