What should I budget for painting my house?

What should I budget for painting my house?

Today, I am answering probably the most common question I get as a paint contractor in Denver.  People usually don’t ask it this way, but ask, “How much will it cost me to paint my  XXXXX square foot house.”  I get it ALL the time.  Lots of factors here, but it comes down to a few factors:

  • How big are the rooms?
  • How high are the ceilings?
  • What will we be painting…walls…ceilings…trim?
  • Is the house empty or do you live in it?
  • Are we changing colors, and how many coats are we applying?

Just like the answer to How much does a four-door sedan cost? There are lots of factors.

I can tell you that our average project is about a week, and our average job cost is about $3000 – $3500.

Budgeting is super important, and we can usually give you some ball-park numbers, but you have to know that they are just a starting point.  If you called my office and said, we have a 2500 square foot house, and we want to paint all the walls in the house (except for closets), and you lived in Highlands Ranch, CO, we may tell you to budget at least $3000, but the bid could still come in at $4000, or it could come in at $2500.  We still need to come look at the project to get an accurate price.  It is good to find out what the minimum cost would be because if we said it would be at least $3000, and your max budget to paint was $2000, you might want to consider having us paint less of your house, or know that it is out of your budget.  As a homeowner, I totally understand.  I am pricing out a patio project right now.  I had first thought we could easily do it for around $12,000.00 but the numbers came back at around $20K.  So we are adjusting our project and doing a little less.

If you are ready to get an estimate, please call our office, and we would love to help you figure out the budget for your painting project.

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