Home Upgrades: Why You Need a Black Trim

Black Trim in Denver, CO

Paint Your Trim Black, You Will Love It!

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home? Look no further than black trim! Often overlooked in favor of more traditional white or neutral tones, black trim has the power to elevate any space, inside and out. In this blog, we’ll explore the timeless allure of black trim and showcase some top Benjamin Moore blacks to inspire your next home improvement project.

Why Black Trim?

Black trim exudes a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication, instantly elevating the aesthetic of any room or exterior. Whether used indoors or outdoors, black trim adds contrast, depth, and visual interest to your home’s architecture. From doors and baseboards to window trim and mantels, the possibilities for incorporating black trim are endless.

Benjamin Moore's Top Blacks

When it comes to selecting the perfect black for your trim, Benjamin Moore offers a range of rich, nuanced shades to suit any style and preference. Here are some top picks:

Black Beauty (2128-10): A classic black with subtle undertones of deep charcoal, Black Beauty adds drama and depth to any space. Perfect for creating contrast against light-colored walls or cabinetry.

Onyx (2133-10): With its velvety, midnight hue, Onyx exudes sophistication and refinement. Ideal for accentuating architectural details such as door trim, wainscoting, and paneling.

Black Panther (2125-10): True to its name, Black Panther is a bold, assertive black that commands attention. Use it to make a statement on doors, handrails, or mantels for a dramatic touch.

Wrought Iron (2124-10): A rich, deep black with hints of warm brown, Wrought Iron adds warmth and depth to any space. Perfect for exterior trim, shutters, and front doors.

Where to Use Black Trim

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect black paint, it’s time to put it to use! Here are some ideas for incorporating black trim both inside and outside your home:

Doors: Make a bold statement by painting your front door or interior doors black. Black doors add instant curb appeal and create a striking focal point in any room.

Door Trim: Frame your doors with black trim to add contrast and visual interest. Black door trim can help define the entryways and highlight the architectural details of your home.

Baseboards: Painting baseboards black creates a modern, polished look and helps ground the space. Pair black baseboards with light-colored walls for a high-contrast, contemporary feel.

Window Trim: Enhance the beauty of your windows by painting the trim black. Black window trim adds drama and sophistication to both interior and exterior spaces.

Handrails: Give your staircase a stylish makeover by painting the handrails black. Black handrails add a touch of elegance and create a seamless transition between floors.

Mantels: Highlight your fireplace with a coat of black paint on the mantel. Black mantels create a striking focal point and provide the perfect backdrop for displaying artwork or decor.

Wainscoting and Paneling: Elevate your walls with black wainscoting or paneling. Black accents add depth and dimension to traditional architectural features, creating a sense of timeless charm.

Conclusion: Timeless Elegance

From doors and baseboards to window trim and mantels, black trim has the power to transform any space into a haven of timeless elegance and sophistication. With Benjamin Moore’s top blacks as your guide, you can confidently embrace this classic design trend and infuse your home with style and personality.


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"Extremely impressed"
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I used Walls by Design recently, and was extremely impressed with every aspect of the company. From scheduling the initial consultation to doing the final walk-through, they were helpful, professional, and seemed genuinely passionate about their work. Even though our project was small, I felt as though our home painting was just as important as a much larger and more expensive project. They arrived on time and took great care of my home. I would definitely use Walls by Design again, and have already recommended them to my friends and family.
Erika Lampe
...was done ahead of schedule...
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Very pleased with the quality and attention to detail. The team, Brent, Matt and Chris, were very pleasant and treated my home and family with respect. The job, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, railing and mantle, was done ahead of schedule. They always left my home spotless. Can't wait to hire them again.
Kevin G.
...how super dope my newly painted black cabinets looked...
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Nick and his team at Walls by Design were great to work with and did a very professional job on the painting of my kitchen cabinets. I was so impressed by how organized the process was and how super dope my newly painted black cabinets looked. I would recommend WBD to anyone looking to get their painting project taken care of. Price was very fair for the quality of the work.
Denise Larsen
He was on time, meticulous and the results are amazing!
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Matt Steele painted my cabinets for me and did an awesome job. He was on time, meticulous and the results are amazing. The company was wonderful to work with. They had a wonderful color consultant Marnie who helped pick a great color for me which was included in the quote. The preparation was thorough and all appointments for prep and the work happened when they said it would. I am very pleased!
Courtney Gaudet
I cannot say enough about the superb experience
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I cannot say enough about the superb experience I just had with Walls by Design. The entire process was perfect! I love that they include a color consultant in the process, employ talented painters (rather, artists!) and are led by such thorough project managers. Our cabinets look fantastic -- can't wait to use Walls by Design for our bathroom remodel.
Colleen Campbell
...he was so wonderful ...
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We have had such a great experience with Walls By Design. The process of getting an estimate, booking them, and project planning was made easy by their efficiency. Garvin painted our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and Kylie painted our banister and wall trim. They were both efficient, friendly, and kept our space clean. Both did an amazing job! Garvin is coming back in January for a second project -we requested him since he was so wonderful the first time! Highly recommend.
Kara Taylor
Walls By Design is a buttoned up team...
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November 2022 Our latest project with Walls By Design was once again a fabulous experience and we couldn't be happier with the finished product! Justin was prompt, respectful and friendly. He's a hard working, fast and talented painter who did an amazing job throughout the house, ESPECIALLY with a challenging tri-color room! The entire process of working with Walls By Design is unrivaled by any painting company we've ever worked with. Thanks again to Justin and the entire Walls By Design team for the care and attention you give to your customers. We'll be back!!! Fall 2021/January 2022 We have had interior walls and our kitchen cabinets painted by Walls By Design. Kylie and her team did a great job on our walls, and Brian’s care and attention to detail on our kitchen cabinets was incredible!! These painters were friendly, considerate, prompt and never left a mess. We didn’t mind having them in the house at all! Walls By Design is a buttoned up team of organized, communicative and accessible professionals who are so easy to work with. We will definitely use Walls By Design again.
Mandy Mason
Could not have asked for a better experience
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Could not have asked for a better experience and outcome. From the first call until the end of the project, we were beyond happy. Very professional, very quality work, and good people. What more can you ask for? Our painter extraordinaire, Kate, was amazing. She was personable, tidy, and extremely knowledgeable. Our cabinets are stunning, AND she finished a day early! You rock, Kate. A heartfelt thank you to the entire WBD team!
Jakalyn Helling
We won't have anyone else!
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WBD is great to work with. Staff are all friendly and very professional. Justin did the painting of our downstairs. He is so personable, thorough, and so accurate. He's the best!!! This is the second time they have painted in our home. We won't have anyone else!
Mark Chankij
Setting up the project was a breeze
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We had Walls By Design help us with a few different projects. We asked them to paint our cabinets, repair our cooking island, retile our backsplash, and paint our railings/banisters. From the quoting process to the final walkthrough, they are professional and friendly throughout the projects. Matthew did all the cabinet and railing painting and everything is immaculate - it is true artistry. Tim handled transforming our kitchen island from a plain box to a high-end cooktop, and Mark tied it all together with his expert tile work. We couldn’t be happier. Setting up the project was a breeze after we got our quotes so quickly from Kristen. Heather called us to quarterback the whole process - arranging for our color consultation with Jaci and putting all the scheduling puzzle pieces together. We will definitely be using WBD for any future services we need.

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