WBD Wine of the Month

We are so excited to announce that in celebration of our 20th anniversary we are starting a wine club!  Starting on August 1st if you refer a friend and they call to set up a project with us you get a FREE bottle of wine! 

How does this work, you may ask? Well I am here to tell you:

  1. Refer a friend 
  2. Call, text or email us to let us know who you referred 
  3. Once your friend calls to set up a project with us you get a free bottle of wine!
  4. Come by our office and pick up your wine! 

We also have some awesome WBD tumblers to keep your wine cool on these hot summer months. So, hurry, tell all your friends! While supplies last you can get two free wine tumblers along with your free bottle of wine! 

Each month we will be sending out an email to tell you the newest bottle of the month.

October Wine of the month

October Wine of the Month is a small-batch, limited release Red Blend has been aged for 60 days in whiskey barrels to deliver a masterful and unexpected taste experience. This Wine with a Whiskey Soul emerges from the flames of the time-honored craft of whiskey-making. A time-intensive barrel-aging process enhances the wine’s rich flavors and aromas. Red and dark fruit flavors combine with layers of maple and spice, giving way to a long, clean finish.

For those of you that remember our Give 200, Get 200 referral program, don’t worry we are still honoring those referrals as well!

  1. Refer a friend 
  2. Let us know who you referred
  3. Once they call and set up a job, they get a $200 credit 
  4. You also get a $200 credit on a future project with us! 

So, tell all your friends and come on in to check out our office, chat with us and of course pick up your wine! We are here Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. 1014 S Jason Street Denver, CO 

If you can’t make it in right away, don’t fret. We will hold onto your bottle for up to 4 months. Any later than that and you can bet we’ve already drank it… 

Unfortunately, this referral program and wine club does not apply to Interior Designers or Real Estate Agents. Sorry folks, you’ll have to join a different wine club but don’t let that stop you from referring Walls By Design because, after all we have been awarded best painting contractor in Denver for three years running!

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